The Roller Coaster Called 2020


“The Roller Coaster Called 2020!”

It’s almost been a year since the infamous Corona Virus hit the whole world hard! This past year has been one of the most challenging times in the history of humanity. We have been witness to a whole lot of chaos & disruption of life. While our heart goes out to the one’s who have suffered at the hands of this calamity, let’s not forget to cheer for the one’s who have emerged from this ravaging pandemic, hail & hearty!

In a few more days, this year is going to leave us for good, albeit with some pretty nightmarish memories. Still, as we bid goodbye to 2020, let us also express our gratitude for the very intriguing tales this year is leaving behind, for us to tell our generations to come. Tales of social distancing, of virtual meetings, of hours of “Netflixing”, of endlessly working from home & much more!

While our friends & family were there to keep us company even if virtually, some other things have been major mood uplifters or sturdy companions in the dreadful lockdown life.

I am sure, just like many others, you too sought comfort from hours of binge watching your favourite series on Netflix or YouTube. Cuddling with your loved one while bingeing on a good movie or show is surely fun! But hey, nothing can replace the comfort & coziness of a cushy little cushion! Quirk up your cushion with a fancy cushion cover & you have found yourself the perfect companion to lean on.

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Remember how you have always hated Sunday’s so much? This year you (temporarily) bid adieu to those Sunday Blues! With the WFH policy adopted by most organizations, you have had to set up your workstation at home. I’m sure you had to arrange for many accessories to make your work at home comfortable as well as to avoid losing focus.

Inordinate work hours (isn’t that what Work From Home is all about?) means you eat & drink while you work. Now you can snack at your desk without worrying about creating a mess!

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If there’s one thing that we have been obsessed with, in this bygone year, it is washing & sanitising our hands over & over again. Covid-19 has made us realise the importance of hand hygiene like never before. Most of us must have gone through hundreds of soap bars in just a few months’ time. A bar of soap has probably become more precious to our life, than a bar of gold!

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When times are unpleasant & loved ones are far from reach, it’s only normal for one’s spirits to spiral down! This year our home has been our safe haven, quite literally! The walls of our home, the little corners, the kitchen counter, the dining area, all of these have kept us company. Many of us, hence took to giving a special touch to our Home Sweet Home in our own creative ways!

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The year is definitely coming to an end, but it’s still some time before we return to our older way of life or perhaps we might find ourselves adapting to the new normal. In either scenario, it is imperative that we reassess our needs & our priorities & invest our time & money in things & actions that bring happiness to us & our loved ones!

So here’s to saying goodbye to a year that happened to be our worst enemy, yet our closest friend, by showing us the value of self-care, compassion, love, friends, family & most of all HOME!