New Year Inspiration


“A New Year Inspiration”

Hope your 2021 is the new fresh year, or still you are planning your resolution for new year? Yes, we common people state it as a New Year resolution, however, based on my personal experience the resolution cannot be completed unless you have inspiration to do so or passion regarding the same. Everybody wants a fresh beginning for the New Year. Let’s take a common example of Exercise & become lean & fit in a year time. As most of the New Year’s resolutions are either to lose weight & become healthier or start reading. Most of the people will be having fitness on the top of the list. I believe that everyone has this resolution sometimes in the lifetime. Unfortunately, due to some reasons, majority of the people failed to achieve their goal of becoming slim & trim & wear favorite jeans or t-shirt. Isn’t it? If you are also one of them, then this blog is for you…

If you are further reading means you agreed with my above statement. Life will give you an opportunity to correct it & start working towards your goal. As per the statistics very few people are able to achieve their goals in life. Anyways, again we are at the end of year 2020 & everyone is thinking to prepare a change list of things which can be improved in their life in coming year. Are you also in same dilemma of to-do-list & how to achieve the same? I cannot help you to finalize the list of the changes because those are personal to everyone, but instead of giving advice I will share with you guys what I am going to do to achieve my goal resolution in upcoming year 2021.

1. Reading – I want to improve my reading capacity & have to target to finish X number of books in coming year.

2. Fitness – I want to be perfect towards athlete fitness body and want to achieve my 500 KM running goal in full year.

3. Travelling – I have planned to visit at least one foreign nation & couple of home country places during this coming year & spend couple of weeks vacation time in exploration.

4) Learning – One new technology & one new domain exploration is on my agenda for next year.

5) Eating – I want to reduce my junk food consumption & be strict about my diet & have to increase intake of more healthy food.

Do you have any similar goal as of mine? What a stupid question I am asking. Everyone will be having similar list or may be longer list of goals. Now, hold your breath & read the next statement. Here, I am going to tell you a billion-dollar secret to stay with the goal & how to fulfil your wish. The two-word answer for this most difficult question is Inspiration & Dedication. You should get inspired daily for your every action to accomplish your wish list. Second & most important is the Dedication. You should dedicate your most precious time & keep reserve some time daily for each of the action item.

You can decide a gift for yourself if you achieve your goal. That can be your Inspiration and do a bet with your girlfriend, boyfriend, & wife, spouse or your closed or loved ones. They will remind you every time of your bet & your wish to get a gift from yourself can motivate you to act daily. How frillnwhisper can help you to keep intact with your goals? I will explain, on frillnwhisper site you can buy best stickers online from our collection of inspirational quotes, favourite sport, music, gym & food. You can stick it on your wall & our wall decal will help you to remind your goal daily. So what are you waiting for? Let’s check our best wall stickers & decals and let it to fulfil your goals.

Frillnwhisper wish you all a very “Happy New Year 2021” & wishing you to achieve your goal to stay healthy.