The Wonders of Wordle


“The Wonders of Wordle!”

It is not easy to put into words, the love that you feel for your special ones. At times you have much to say, but hardly know where to start! Because, anything you say may fall short to everything you feel. The admission of your love, gratitude, admiration or respect for another, must be impactful & memorable.

A special and unique way to express what you truly feel, is to put the right words into the most spec-tacular & meaningful piece of art. Whether as a walldecal to beautify your home sweet home, or as a framed token of love and appreciation for someone you care for, WordArt or our very own “Wordle”, can be the perfect keepsake to celebrate everything and everyone you hold dear.

1. Wordle Card:

Gone are the days to express your feelings with ordinary & “old school” greetingcards. It is time to try something different by a giving a creative twist to those elementary cards! For, your memento de-serves a place in your loved one’s home & heart. Customised cards designed with wordart can be the perfectgift for the pillars of support in your life. You can give shape to your sentiment, with words of encouragement, appreciation & love.

Personalise your Wordle Card, to give kudos to your partner, child or parent for an admirable feat, to show your love & support for them or to simply remind them of their exemplary grace & strength!.

2. Wordle Frame:

Are you in search of outofthebox ideas to decorate the walls of your home or office? Well, you can turn to Wordle Art to adorn your walls in the most unique way. Framed WordArt is a rather new & uncommon element of HomeDecor. It is sure to stand out and catch the interest of your visitors.

A friend’s birthday, anniversary or graduation coming soon? This special piece, can most certainly make a memorablegift for your kith and kin. Give a beautiful form to the perfect set of words de-scribing your special person or occasion, and frame it to be cherished forever!

3. Wordle Photo Collage:

Typical photo frames are quite passé. And wordart alone, may at times, not be enough. Now, you can get the best of both worlds with Wordle Photo Collage. This combination of photo collage and wordart is simply amazing. It can be the perfect giftforhusband, giftforyourwife, giftforyourson, giftforyourdaughter, or gift for your parents. This piece of art is visually delightful and is an interest-ing way to give shape to your special moments & memories. A lot can be said in a few words and with a few photos.
Receiving as a gift, a customized Wordle Photo Collage for an anniversary, birthday or wedding, can get a smile on anyone’s face.


As a child, one is so open and expressive about one’s feelings. Children never shy away from giving tight hugs and sloppy kisses to the ones they adore. But as adults, we find it rather difficult to put our emotions into the right words and actions. There is a big bundle of feelings within us and yet we often struggle with words. What if we could say it all, and in a way that stays with our special person forev-er?

Say what you wish to say in the most artistic way. Get your personalised wordart design with your choice of words.

Our Wordle is of premiumquality and 100% customised to suit your requirement, that too at ex-tremely reasonable prices!

So, what are you waiting for? Submit your list of words & get your special Wordle Now at FrillnWhisper!